How I Learned Japanese: Reading (Part 2)

If this cat can read Japanese, so can you.

If this cat can read Japanese, so can you.

I recently put up an article on my method for studying kanji in order to become a confident Japanese reader. This article, part 2, will detail some of my suggestions for native Japanese material you can start reading right away. Even if you are a beginner and have to use a dictionary or translation app to help you understand what you’re reading, you will still be able to work your way through a tweet in a relatively short period of time, which is a huge confidence boost. Confidence is a foundation of language learning and you build confidence by working from start to finish on something. Continue reading

How I Learned Japanese: Reading (Part 1)

Learning to read Japanese is a lot like walking uphill in a dense jungle while stuck in mud. It’s grueling and it seems like all you can focus on are all the kanji you don’t know. Your study sessions are just hours of flashcards with readings and kanji on them. The only material you actually read are those fake advertisements at the back of your Genki book. You can’t imagine the day when you can read native material.

Well, hey. I’m here to tell you that today is that day! 

Here, in Part 1 I’m going to run through how I built up my bank of kanji knowledge and then, in Part 2, I’m going to hit on what kinds of things you can start reading right away and then give you some ideas of things you can move up to as you advance. Continue reading