The Great American Road Trip: Journey to the Grand Canyon

Vlcsnap-2013-02-09-04h10m20s124I’ve always wanted a good ole fashioned, all-American cross-country road trip. Preferably to the Grand Canyon, like Tommy and the gang did in that one episode of Rugrats. Unfortunately, my family had always hated traveling and were never much for family vacations (except that one time we went to Detroit to see Eminem’s house). And when my friends and I got licenses of our own, we talked about road trips plenty, but lacked the resources (good cars, money, freedom, a plan…) Continue reading

CIY 2012: California

Biola University

Biola University

The day after we finished our specialty week in Florida, my MOVE team and I flew to California (well, Houston, then Phoenix, THEN California) for 4 weeks.

We kicked off our time in California with jokes (“What color is the curb?”) and getting settled into Biola University, just outside of LA. BU is the only venue my team visited twice all summer and we were beside ourselves with excitement that we were getting a weekend, as we had spent the last three weekends traveling.

But before the weekend, there was the week. Our first week in Biola had a little less than 200 people, but plenty of energy. At the end of week, I got to work the dodgeball tournament– my first of the summer– and I was l blown away by the creativity of the teams’. One team known as the ‘CareBears’ had printed shirts with different CareBear symbols on it and had been practicing for the dodgeball tournament for the last few weeks. It was awesome– one of my favorite things is seeing churches and kids with relationships with CIY, kids who come every year and look forward to certain things, be it the Morning Show Games, the Alternative, or the tournaments. Continue reading

CIY 2012: Florida – When Kentucky and Move Collide

After Indiana, we headed back to Joplin for a few days before we began the trek to Panama City Beach, Florida for a speciality week with Southeast Christian Church out of Louisville. On the way to Florida, we stopped and spent the night in Birmingham, Alabama, where we watched the OK City Thunder go down hard in the last game of the NBA Finals. After being surrounded by passionate Thunder fans my whole Midwestern life and with a hint of bitterness toward LeBron, it wasn’t the outcome I wanted but I barely stayed awake to see the end of the game and I drifted off immediately during the post-game interviews. Continue reading

CIY 2012: Indiana

Reardon Auditorium

Reardon Auditorium

The week of MOVE we held at Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana was easily the best first week I can imagine. Reardon Auditorium, where we held sessions, is any auditorium manager’s dream: fixed seating, a gorgeous stage, and plenty of backstage room. We had around 1,400 kids that first week, spilt up within about 60 churches, which is considered a big week for CIY. I didn’t really have any expectations for the first week out so there really wasn’t a chance to be overwhelmed or anything– we all jumped right into things and had a very successful week. The team at Indiana was fantastic, especially in that we had two superiors who had actually helped develop the programming for this summer and all of the elements for which Caleb (the backstage manager) and I are responsible. Continue reading

CIY 2012: Missouri

First, I left home the morning of May 20 and drove about 5 hours to St. Louis. I thought St. Louis was a fantastic city with great architecture everywhere.

St. Louis ArchI found a huge mall and spent the afternoon shopping in the best Forever 21 and H&M I’d ever been to, even though I spent the whole afternoon afraid that someone was going to break into my car in the parking garage because all of my essentials were visibly packed into the backseat.

I stayed the night just outside St. Louis at the home of an Alpha Gamma Delta sister I found by contacting the St. Louis Alpha Gam Alumnae Chapter, so a big thanks to them and to Meg for her hospitality. I left at 5 am the next morning to finish off the 5 hour drive to Joplin. With one minor setback, I managed to make it to the CIY office with 10 minutes to spare. We spent the first morning together as interns getting to know each other and learning the fundamentals of what our summer would hold. Continue reading